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The Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapy

Colorado Springs Minimally Invasive Therapy Services: The Institute For Minimally Invasive Therapy (IMIT) is at the forefront of medical innovation, as interventional radiology continually advances in patient diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Minimally invasive treatment and therapy offer an alternative to conventional surgery by using less invasive techniques, especially endoscopes and vascular catheters. With less need for hospitalization, less post-operative morbidity, and early return to normal activities, minimally invasive procedures may gradually replace most present open surgeries.

IMIT provides Interventional Radiology services covering evaluation and management, non-invasive diagnosis, and minimally invasive therapies for a wide range of vascular, orthopedic and neurological conditions such as vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, image guided biopsy, tumor ablations, uterine artery embolizations for fibroids, stents, and angioplasty.

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